Bird Radar. A comprehensive solution for fishermen

Fisheries Information: Bird Radars

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Out of the technology used onboard vessels, "Bird Radar" is one that has positively impacted the fisheries sector. This is a system that provides numerous services for transportation of vessels. It also provide a comprehensive solution for fishermen instead of using "GPS" and "Fish Finder" to attain services.

How bait fish is visible on bird radar screens

Bird Radar's gained popularity in the Maldives following the installation of one such system in 2016 onboard a fishing vessel from Huvadhoo Atoll. But such systems were used even before this onboard local vessels. But radar systems that enabled fishermen to identify birds were not that common back in the day. But the radar systems used onboard vessels now has the feature to identify flock of birds.

The bird radar locates specific types of birds which are usually circling around schools of fish. This enables fishermen to locate and identify areas where they can catch fish easily. The radar system shows the birds and islands as red dots on the scanner.

Scanning through bird mode on the radar system

If weather permits the bird finder radar's can scan a 8 miles radius, enabling fishermen to locate fishing schools easily. But if it is not such a clear day, the Most reasonable Radar's can spot birds circling fish schools from 4-5 miles radius. During scanning, the radar locates birds circling the fish schools around the vicinity of the vessel. The screen shows birds as red dots. The fishing vessels then follow the scan screen and locates fish schools. The red dot may initially be seen as a small dot but will increase depending on how large the amount of birds and proximity of the vessel gets to the location. The radar also picks up on the activity of the birds and will signal out if there is a lot of activity around the area it spots.

Fishing vessels also use the radar to spot other vessels. Vessels can spot the positions of other fishing vessels as far as 10 miles away. It can also tell the speed of other vessels that are traveling around, which makes it easier for the spotter to know if the vessel is fishing or not.



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