Aerial view of Kanduohgiri
Aerial view of Kanduohgiri

Companies showing interest to process fish at Kanduohgiri - MIFCO

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MIFCO states that companies have been expressing interest to process fish at "Kanduohgiri Fish Village".

Speaking at a program on Raajje TV, MIFCO's Managing Director, Ismail Fauzee said that companies involved in exporting yellowfin tuna fish products and MIFCO are to begin processing and packing fish in Kanduohgiri. He said all arrangements are being made at Kanduohgiri to allow private parties to prosper and expand their fish processing work.

He said many companies have been expressing interest to participate in this venture after they opened up the opportunity.

"Even now there are 4-5 parties expressing interest in conducting fish packing and processing works at Kanduohgiri. We are hoping to allow this venture as soon as possible" Fauzee said.

Fauzee said that they are working to formulate policies that would allow MIFCO to outsource the processing and exporting of fish to third parties at Kanduohgiri in a way that will not hurt their own business.

The services of processing fresh fish at Kanduohgiri was ceased for a while. But last month MIFCO announced that they are re-opening up of the venture again. According to MIFCO this is being done to further expand the fisheries sector and allow local companies to promote their businesses. Furthermore, the venture hopes to not only promote yellowfin tuna fish processing but also expand the work to include reef fish processing and exportation. The company aims to increase foreign currency income in the country through this venture as well.



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