Zain is one of the youngest owners of a fishing vessel
Zain is one of the youngest owners of a fishing vessel

Zain: Young skipper, leading his own fishing vessel

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33 year old Zain from GD. Faresmaathodaa is a well-known skipper from Huvadhoo Atoll. Zain made many sacrifices to achieve his dreams and get to where he is today. He worked tirelessly for a long time to achieve his goal. Zain believes fisheries is a good career, with many opportunities.

Zain's dhoani, Gallery Mission

According to Zain, he started to go fishing at the tender age of 12. He said his father is one of his biggest supporters and that his dream was achieved due to his father's encouragement. He added that his father taught him most of the techniques and talent. Zain completed his O'levels from GD. Thinadhoo. Even during his school days, Zain went on fishing trips during the weekend. He even paid for his O'level examinations from the money he made through weekend fishing trips.

Zain on his dhoani

He joined the fisheries sector immediately after he finished O'level since it had been a lucrative career for him from the beginning. He first went on fishing trips as a crew onboard Alividhuvaru Dhoani of Fuvahmulah. He was taught fishing by his father and brother, Hassan Zareer, onboard Alividhuvaru dhoani. He completed his navigation course after working on a fishing vessel for three years. But he moved to Male' City in 2008 to enable his siblings to get a better education. He was the captain of a boat of State Trading Organization during his time at the capital city. After working in this post for four years, in 2013 he moved back to his island and began his career as a skipper onboard a vessel owned by a Fiyoree man for four years. But soon he began to envision getting his own vessel. He made this dream come true in 2017 after he acquired a loan from the Maldives Islamic Bank. This is when he bought the 80 feet fishing vessel named "Gallery Mission". He also hired a 28 member crew.

Zain with crew of his dhoani

Zain notes that fisheries is a lucrative career. He said there are many loans and such incentives from Maldives Islamic Bank and other such institutes for young fishermen looking to develop and expand their hand within the fisheries sector.

"This is a great career to earn a good living. My advice to every young fisherman is to try to get their own vessel. There are many banks such as Maldives Islamic Bank which provides loans for fishermen to prosper." Zain said.

Zain said his current target is to acquire 107 feet, modern vessel after he has paid the loan he took to get his first dhoani.



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