Adh Mahibadhoo Asurumaa 2

"Asuruma 2" ADh. Mahibadhoo

Asurumaa 2” dhoani from ADh. Mahibadhoo is a vessel specialized in yellowfin tuna fisheries. This is the first fiber vessel built in the island. The vessel built-in 2010 is 26.2 meters long.

The skipper of the vessel is Adh. Mahibadhoo Asurumaage Hassan Inayath. He is an exceptionally well-known skipper from the island. He is also a former officer of Maldives National Defense Force, MNDF, SPG. Inayath leads a team of 20 fishermen as his crew onboard Asurumaa 2.

It has been 10 years since the vessel has been fishing non-stop. 

ADh. Mahibadhoo Asuruma dhoani



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