Brown marbled groupers being cultivated in ocean net cages
Brown marbled groupers being cultivated in ocean net cages

First batch of cultivated brown marbled groupers auctioned off

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The first batch of cultivated brown marbled groupers in local islands has been sold off at auction.

According to the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources, and Agriculture during this auction they sold off 2132 brown marbled groupers cultivated in ocean net cages as part of the pilot project, “Sustainable Fisheries Resources Development Project”, initiated by the Ministry and Maldives Marine Institute in partnership with World Bank.

Maldives Marine Research Institute, which is leading this project said, 13874.87 dollars was made by selling off the first batch of brown marbled groupers. The institute said they have handed over the money to the four parties involved in cultivating the brown marbled groupers under this project.

The first batch of the brown marbled groupers was cultivated by specific households from Alif Dhaalu Mahibadhoo as part of the program. The fish which was auctioned was bigger than 450 grams. According to the Ministry, there is a stock of groupers in net cages cultivated separately, which ranges between the size of 437 - 715 grams.

One cultivated brown marbled grouper

The brown marbled groupers cultivation project, funded by World Bank, is conducted as part of the effort to promote mariculture in the Maldives. It also aims to enable local communities to make a livelihood whilst living in their own islands, increase job opportunities in the field of mariculture, and create a lucrative mariculture sector that benefits the economy.

Under the program, groupers are cultivated in Mahibadhoo, Omadhoo, Dhigurah, Dhangethi.




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